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Partnerships & Development

Republic Realm is shaping the future of the metaverse

Republic Realm manages a diversified portfolio of digital real estate NFTs across many metaverses.  We develop parcels of land to enhance value and foster community building.


Anything is possible

in the metaverse.

We create value in the metaverse in two ways:
Brand Partnerships & Real Estate Developments


Brand Partnerships 

Real-world brands are turning to the metaverse for exposure and customer engagement.

Republic Realm intends to partner with innovative brands to provide turnkey, interactive and immersive brand activations in the metaverse.

  • Fashion & Consumer Products Brands

  • Gaming Companies

  • Artists & Musicians 

  • Lifestyle & Hospitality Companies

Interested? Partner with us.

Republic Realm develops districts and points of attraction around the metaverse. We will seek to apply real-world development principles and work with renowned architects and illustrators to create memorable spaces that are accretive to the metaverse communities and ecosystems.

Real Estate Development 



We apply a multi-faceted approach to the planning, design and management of spaces in the metaverse that are designed to encourage and feed the community's interests and aspirations with the intention of creating spaces that promote happiness and improve collaboration and interaction.

Urban Planning

We think of our team as urban planners in the metaverse, and we approach real estate development as a technical process that incorporates the physical form, economic functions, and social impacts. Urban planning concerns itself with both the development of open land and the activation of existing features, thereby involving goal setting, data collection and analysis, forecasting, design, strategic thinking, and public consultation. 

Value Creation

We create value by developing districts and bringing anchor tenants and experiential pop-ups.  We build assemblages by acquiring adjacent parcels that allow for more dense developments, a process which unlocks value.

Our Development Principles


Our developments

Metajuku (94, 21)

Harajuku-themed shopping district in Decentraland

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Arts & Culture District
Coming soon