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Republic Realm are innovators & investors in the metaverse & NFT ecosystem

Two interrelated investment strategies and more on the way

Metaverse Real Estate

We launched a metaverse real estate investment vehicle in April 2021. Today, we are among the largest landowners in the Sandbox, Axie Infinity, Decentraland and Treeverse. 


Today, Republic Realm Metaverse Real Estate Inc. owns more than 1,900 NFTs across more than 17 metaverse platforms.

In addition to metaverse real estate, we invest in metaverse platforms and infrastructure.

Museum Collection NFT Portfolio

We invest in NFTs, carefully curated by a team of experienced digital curators with deep domain expertise in art, collectibles, sports, gaming, utilities and real-world assets.


It is our intention to actively manage the portfolio so that it becomes among the most well-curated and important NFT collections in the world, collectively owned by its investors.

Domain Expertise

We are builders and innovators connected to the overall metaverse ecosystem, with domain expertise in the following areas:

Metaverse real estate investment

Digital wearables

Gaming guilds

Metaverse real estate development

NFT investment


Metaverse platforms

NFT innovation & sales

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