Learn from the minds shaping the metaverse 

Executive education about the metaverse ecosystem.

An Innovative Curriculum

Covering a variety of topics which will breed a deeper understanding of metaverse innovation, economics and the ability to identify where future opportunities lie:

  • History of metaverse innovation and game development

  • The metaverse competitive landscape including indie developer projects, major studio projects, Fortnite, Roblox and others

  • Buying and developing land, placemaking and community-building 

  • The case for the integration of blockchain into the metaverse

  • Land sales, token sales, and tokenomics for metaverse projects

Course Information

Four synchronous online classes will be held on Zoom, optional webinars and four graded assignments will be required in order to complete the course. The course will be hosted by metaverse industry professionals and experts.  Courses will be held in the evening for the eastern US time zone, which is late afternoon on the west coast, mid-day in Europe, and early morning in Asia.


At the end of the semester upon successful completion of the course materials, you will have learned how to assess metaverse innovation strategies and explain them in simple language to colleagues and clients. You will earn a Metaverse Innovation: Structuring and Assessment certification which you can add to your resume and post on LinkedIn. This course will help individuals prepare for professional certification and may be eligible for  continuing education units (CEU).

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