A shopping district in Decentraland developed by Republic Realm. Inspired by Harajuku, a district in Tokyo known as the center of Japanese street fashion.

Bringing fashion to the metaverse

Metajuku image.png

The Building

Metajuku is a 16,000 sf (256 m2) project built with a pedestrian-friendly open space at its center.  Retail stores line both sides of the open center atrium. The district is located at the coordinates 94, 21 in Decentraland. 

The development was designed by Austin-based architect Martin Guerra and developed by Republic Realm’s global team of 3D real estate and game developers. The Tribute Brand store was designed by Zagreb-based architecture firm BIRO.

Metajuku (94, 21)
Harajuku-themed shopping district in Decentraland

"Real world shopping malls are sitting half empty as stores move more business online. Meanwhile, elaborate virtual malls are being built in the metaverse, a nascent industry called ‘de-commerce’."

— Janine Yorio

Managing Director, Republic Realm


Anchor tenants include two digital-only fashion brands, Dress-X and Tribute Brand. Digital garments and unique NFT wearables can be purchased in the shopping district.

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