Nov 22, 2021

The Metaflower NFT Super Mega Yacht by Republic Realm Sells for $650,000, Making It the Most Expensive NFT Asset Ever Sold in a Video Game

Republic Realm’s Luxury NFT Collections Continue to Rival Real World Prices.

The Metaflower Super Mega Yacht Photo & Video Assets Here

Republic Realm, premier developer of the metaverse, has successfully sold The Metaflower Super Mega Yacht, a luxury NFT for 149 ETH ($650,000). The six day auction ended in a bidding war and the purchase marks the highest price paid for a Sandbox asset, making this Republic Realm asset the most valuable NFT in The Sandbox, a metaverse video game.

The Metaflower is built for The Sandbox, a blockchain-based virtual metaverse where people can develop games and virtual land. The Sandbox has partnerships with Adidas, Atari, Nifty Gateway, Gemini, and rapper Snoop Dogg, among others.

Republic Realm is an investor and innovator in the metaverse. Republic Realm currently has holdings in 19 metaverse platforms, has developed six metaverse real estate projects, and owns over 2,500 NFTs.

Borrowing principles from real-world real estate, Republic Realm is the developer of Fantasy Islands, a master-planned community comprised of 100 private islands, each an NFT. Republic Realm’s NFT sale for Fantasy Islands, which was the first of its kind incorporating both NFT land and an NFT villa, sold out in under 24 hours. Today, the floor price for a Fantasy Island is nearly $ 300,000, on par with average home prices in the U.S.

The Metaflower Super Mega Yacht is an extension of the Fantasy Islands development and is a one-of-one NFT in the Fantasy Collection, a suite of luxury NFTs designed for use in The Sandbox. Together, the Fantasy Islands and Fantasy Collection projects have a market cap of over $30 million. The Fantasy Collection community includes more than 440 people who own private islands, jet skis, and speedboats who can access the members only beach club and Fantasy Marina. Republic Realm plans to release additional assets in the collection over time.


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Republic Realm is one of the most active investors in and developers of the metaverse real estate ecosystem with the mission to become the leading and most trusted metaverse & NFT innovation and investment platform by building or buying companies to grow. Republic Realm invests in, manages, and develops assets including NFTs, virtual real estate, metaverse platforms, gaming, and infrastructure and currently has holdings in 19 metaverse platforms, has developed six metaverse real estate projects, and owns over 2,500 NFTs. For more information, visit:

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