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The Museum Collection

A world-class NFT collection in the metaverse


A Curated NFT Collection

A portfolio of important NFT pieces in the following categories:


CryptoPunks are considered the gold standard for collectible NFT avatar sets, but among the more recent NFT collections inspired by CryptoPunks, the Bored Ape Yacht Club has gained the most momentum lately. This category also includes CryptoKitties, Meebits, and other tokenized limited-edition offerings.


With the launch of the art marketplace Rarible and their yield farming incentive program, tradeable digital art has become a hot topic. NFTs allow artists to monetize their artwork and protect their copyright. NFTs also allow artists to receive royalties every time their creations change hands. This includes projects like Damien Hirst or Tom Sachs.


Tradeable in-game items such as turn-based battle or trading card games like Axie Infinity or Gods Unchained. Someday, games like Fortnite with active in-game economies may one day support on-chain item trading.


A wide variety of projects in which the NFT itself does not necessarily have a gaming or artistic function. Among other use cases utilities can be NFT domain names, tickets and assets that can grant access or specific rights to their owner. These include event tickets.


Sport projects built around assets which feature sports persona, memorabilia and video footage, most often in connection with the real-world players and teams such as Formula 1 and the NBA.

Real-world Assets

One of the original imagined purposes for NFTs was to tokenize real-world assets that can then be traded. OpenLaw created a system to trade real estate using the ERC-721 token standard, and Nike last year also patented a system to tokenize shoes. These include real estate and collectibles like baseball cards.

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