The metaverse is here, and Republic Realm is at the heart of it

Here’s Why I Believe in What We’re Building

My generation grew up with the internet. Unlike our parents’ generation, we’ve grown accustomed to finding whatever information we need on our computers, not in books. We buy products through websites, not in stores. More recently, we’ve started to utilize blockchain, a way to move money instantaneously 24 hours a day, all around the world.

I am a mother, and every day, I watch my own children interact with the internet. Their expectations of technology are very different from my own. Instead of scrolling through flat 2D websites alone, they walk through 3D immersive worlds with their friends. They talk to their peers through audio and text chat, on FaceTime or on Discord. They often have multiple screens playing at the same time, maybe a tablet alongside a phone. Sometimes a YouTube video or Twitch stream is playing in the background. Their status symbols are the objects they own and can show their friends in these virtual worlds.

They have been primed to spend their lives in the metaverse, where they will use cryptocurrency to buy and sell things, things like NFTs. This future is inevitable. In fact, it is already here.

Fantasy Islands, a luxury, master-planned real estate development in the Sandbox metaverse by Republic Realm

What The Metaverse Means for The Future of Society

This vision of the metaverse has opened up a world of possibilities. We’ve all been, in a sense, taken back to our drawing boards with the opportunity to build these entirely new, virtual worlds. We all agree that the world we live in is already a hybrid of the physical and the digital, and that the future will be more virtual, more immersive, and more experiential than ever before.

This virtual world needs placemakers: architects and builders, people who understand that a built environment is only as rich as the content it holds. The same way that spaces in the real world must have good design, the right lighting, the perfect soundtrack and then be filled with the right people and interesting events, so too must we engage in placemaking in the metaverse if we intend to create social experiences there that can compete with the sensory reality of the real-world.