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What is the Metaverse? Metaverse Luke Explains in 5 Minutes [Video]

Metaverse Luke and Republic Realm have teamed up once again to spread the word and demystify the metaverse.

Our new weekly video series, hosted by Metaverse Luke, is designed to guide you through everything metaverse, NFT, and crypto. Each video will break down a single topic, delivering a fun, quick, digestible, and most importantly, informative set of key takeaways.

Whether you’re new to the metaverse or an established veteran, Metaverse Luke will cover topics ranging from the metaverse explained, to real estate metaverse development principles, to what is Decentraland?

Only have five minutes to learn about the metaverse? No problem. This week’s premiere has you covered. Watch "The Metaverse Explained in 5 Minutes" and be sure to come back for the next episode. . .



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