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Cathy Hackl

Cathy Hackl is a globally recognized tech futurist and top business executive with deep experience working in metaverse-related fields with companies like HTC VIVE, Magic Leap, and Amazon Web Services. She’s the CEO of the Futures Intelligence Group, a leading metaverse consultancy working with the world's top brands on metaverse strategies, NFTs, virtual fashion, and how to extend their brands into virtual worlds. She’s a sought-after consultant, speaker, and media personality. 


Hackl was recently featured in 60 Minutes+, Bloomberg, WSJ, and WIRED’s coverage of the metaverse and is a contributor to Forbes. She has written two books and is publishing her third book, The Metaverse Economy in early 2022. Hackl is popularly known as the Godmother of the Metaverse and is one of the top tech voices on LinkedIn.

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Tommaso Di Bartolo

Tommaso is a Silicon Valley-based serial entrepreneur with two exits. He is a Faculty member at UC Berkeley where he lectures about Entrepreneurship and Innovation focused on the topic of Blockchain. He is the author of "How to Growth Hack your Startup", along with his new co-authored book “The Metaverse Economy” to be published in early 2022. Tommaso has nearly two decades of entrepreneurial tech expertise as a frequent global keynote speaker and as an advisor to some of Silicon Valley's most renowned startup accelerators such as Google Launchpad, Draper University, and The Alchemist.

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Elizabeth Strickler

Elizabeth Strickler is the Director of Media Entrepreneurship and Innovation for the Creative Media Industries Institute at Georgia State University. A passionate believer in creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship, Elizabeth uses her talents to support students and clients to start businesses, tell immersive stories, and build a stronger cultural economy. She has worked for multiple tech startups, run a civic initiative in India, built and curated a public interactive media space, and made dozens of films, games, and interactive experiences. She holds a BA in Philosophy, BS in Computer Science, and an MFA in Digital Filmmaking and Art.

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Anne Connelly

Anne Connelly is passionate about using decentralized technologies to create social impact. She works with organizations around the world to help them understand crypto and teaches at Boston University. Anne is a steward of the Gitcoin DAO and is excited about quadratic funding mechanisms to fund public goods. She has also taught at Singularity University.

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Lily Snyder

Lily Snyder is the Head Metaverse Researcher at the Futures Intelligence Group. She works with clients in tech, fashion, and defense to explore emerging technologies. Lily is an international speaker and editor of the book, The Augmented Workforce: How AR, AI, & 5G Will Impact Every Dollar You Make.

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