What is Republic Realm Academy?

Republic Realm Academy is a series of online courses about the metaverse and NFTs. Courses will be taught by multidisciplinary educators hailing from some of the most prestigious universities in the world alongside top industry professionals in web 3.0 technologies. After completing the coursework, students will earn a certificate in Metaverse Technologies and become a permanent part of the Republic Realm Academy alumni network.


Renowned metaverse expert Cathy Hackl is the dean of Republic Realm Academy.


Why Republic Realm Academy?

Republic Realm Academy is a place for people to learn and collaborate about the metaverse and NFTs, built for the metaverse in the metaverse by metaverse experts. Republic Realm Academy makes highly technical concepts easy to understand.

What You’ll Learn


How to set up a wallet and buy NFTs (if you don’t already know)


The history of the metaverse and the major players


The key components of the web 3.0 ecosystem


Virtual real estate development principles, land sales, and tokenomics


Blockchain technology and crypto infrastructure behind the metaverse and NFTs


How to participate in the NFT economy and find metaverse business opportunities

What you will get


We will show you how to set up a crypto wallet, exchange fiat money for Ethereum, monitor gas fees, and mint the NFT Tuition Badge

A limited edition Republic Realm Academy NFT Tuition Badge

After orientation, you will have a week to mint the NFT Tuition Badge

The NFT Tuition Badge will be your campus ID card and unlock all Republic Realm Academy resources and initiatives at the start of the term

Six online courses - all coursework will be recorded and available to view afterwards

Limited office hours with professors, subject to availability

Access to the Republic Realm Academy alumni network and career listings

Metaverse Technologies Certification - upon finishing the coursework, students will receive a certificate conferring proof of completion

In order to claim your NFT Tuition Badge, you will be required to pay for associated gas fees. For more information on gas fees, refer to the FAQ.

Who is this for

Students at Republic Realm Academy do not need to have a technical background. This course is intended for:

Corporate executives looking to deepen their understanding of the metaverse and NFTs

Investors interested in having a more thorough understanding of the economics and mechanics of the metaverse and NFTs, but anybody interested may attend

Career changers looking for new skills and industry expertise in web 3.0

University or graduate students looking to round out a more traditional education

Course info


Until November 9th at 11:59 PM EST


November 9th to December 15th


December 15th until December 31st



Class starts on February 1, 2022

Classes will be held at 7:30 pm EST twice per week

Each class will be re-aired at 7:30 pm BST with a moderator

Program will be 3-4 weeks total

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Registration will be limited. You can register for Republic Realm Academy and pay for tuition through our website


Registration form

Questions about Republic Realm Academy? Please reach out to russell@republicrealm.com. Republic Realm does not accept returns, refunds, or cancellations.