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29 Mar 2021

Everything you need to know about virtual worlds, virtual land, and the metaverse.


21 Mar 2021

What is digital real estate? Everything you need to know to consider investing

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30 March 2021

What it is and what you need to know


18 Mar 2021

If NFT artworks can be worth millions, what's to stop virtual world real estate from rising in value?


16 Feb 2021

With NFTs taking off and the real real estate market buffeted by COVID-19, virtual worlds like Decentraland could be well placed to capitalize.

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24 Mar 2021

Janine Yorio, Republic Real Estate, joins CNBC’s “Fast Money” to discuss the virtual real estate market in what’s known as the ‘metaverse'.

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23 Mar 2021

Opportunities in the metaverse, and why now might be the right time to invest in NFTs.

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29 Mar 2021

Janine Yorio tells PERE how NFTs have led to a rise in virtual real estate investments.

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25 Mar 2021

Digital real estate expert Janine Yorio explains how platforms like Decentraland allows people to buy.