A full-service, turnkey NFT production studio for companies large and small, luxury to mass-market

There is no limit to what can be built in the metaverse or in an NFT project

Metaverse-related projects require coordinating a range of experts and technologies to come together.


We have a full-stack digital asset team including architects, designers, 3D developers, game developers, blockchain engineers and marketing specialists.

Some examples of what excites us:

• metaverse collaborations
• outsourced "Chief Metaverse Officer"
• immersive, shoppable digital-only worlds
• virtual goods
• in-metaverse games
• wearables
• corporate swag
• mission-driven NFT projects

"fashion and luxury brands, some are diving headfirst, some are putting a toe in the water"

Some of our projects:

somnium 1.jpg

Academy Metaverse Campus

Republic Realm Academy


Pinkyteau Villa

Fantasy Islands


Museum Collection

NFT Museum

NFT Tuition Badge

Republic Realm Academy

Pink Prowler

Fantasy Collection

To learn more about how we can collaborate, reach out to kostas@republicrealm.com